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My experience as a New Zealand Exchange Student at the Remstal-Gymnasium

My name is Lisa and I am a student (17) from Auckland, New Zealand. The two months I spent in Germany as an exchange student is definitely an amazing and unforgettable experience. As a student learning the German language visiting Germany was always something I dreamed to do. However when I actually got the chance to do so (through an exchange program), I was in fact quite nervous to be exposed to a culture I only ever learnt about in a classroom. My worries were all expelled when I met my host family who I want to thank again for being so warm and friendly towards me.

Of course living in NZ is very different to living in Germany as they are basically half a world away from each other with a 12hr time difference. Drinking only mineral water (that is always carbonated) in a bottle rather than tap water, separating rubbish, having the main meal at lunch time and snow are only a few examples of the changes I have experienced. But despite the lifestyle change all the people I have met are incredibly friendly and supportive of me including my exchange partner, host family, teachers and students. The country, culture and especially the environment (that seems to me to be even more green and clean than Auckland!) are all very beautiful to me. But rather than that, what really made my experience so special are the people who are willing to talk and communicate with me despite my horrible and limited German.

Attending school in Germany is really such a fun experience. Not only do I not have to sit any tests, I also do not need to do any homework. But the best thing is that when a teacher is sick or not at able to teach at school the whole class gets cancelled which means that the students can go straight home! In NZ we have many reliever teachers who instead give us work set by our normal teachers when they are away so having classes cancelled is unheard of. What I also find great is that there are only a few classes every day with at a break between each class. In my school you have only 5 subjects but you have to take classes for it every day with each lesson an hour long and only a 25 minute and a 40 minute break. What I also find amazing is how serious the students are towards their education. Maybe this is because the school I attended is a grammar school but the serious attitude of the students towards their education and the teachers in their teaching is something I admire and appreciate.

Overall this trip to Germany has probably been the best I have ever had. The memories I have made and the relationships that I have formed will hopefully last with me for all my life. I will love to visit Germany again and will definitely encourage others to experience this beautiful culture and country!