English Movie AG

The English Movie AG has been around for 5 years: an average number of 15 pupils meet with two of their English teachers to watch and discuss movies. We reserve 6 Thursday nights every school year to analyze and interpret movies like The Dark Knight, Atonement, The Truman Show, Memento, The Shawshank Redemption, Lions for Lambs and many more. Undoubted highlights were: the discussion about the political implications concerning terrorism shown in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight; 30 pupils attending the session with David Fincher’s The Social Network, the Double Feature with two Thursday nights in a row showing Darren Arronofsky’s Black Swan and The Wrestler and discussing the (surprising) similarities and (not so many) differences between two movies about a prima ballerina and a wrestler

If you are in grade 10 or higher and in any way interested in watching and analyzing movies, come and join the English Movie AG. It will not only deepen your understanding of how movies work and why somebody might call a film a masterpiece while another would grade it “ok” at best. Since you will be free to talk about anything that seems to be important to you in discussing the movie, your oral English skills can also improve a lot. Attending the movie club regularly could be a huge advantage especially when it comes to the oral Abitur in English and making conversation in general. Maybe you can even use a movie club session to turn it into a GFS?

Mathias Hillmer and Florian Benz

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